Toys for Babies UK


Toys for Babies from 0 To 6 Months

If you have to buy Christmas or other gifts for very young babies there are lots of great toys to choose from, including baby gyms, winkels, teething toys, jumperoos and much more. Check out some ideas for newborns until they are 6 months. 

Lamaze Toys

Lamaze make some fantastic first toys for babies. Lamaze Freddie the Firefly featured below is designed to attract the very youngest babies attention with its contrasting colors. As babies get older there are lots of different textures to explore as well as a peek a boo mirror, rattle, a teether and squeaker. It can easily attach to pushchairs, car seats and baby gyms to entertain baby on the go and at home. Check this and more Lamaze toys out below. 

Baby Gyms

There are lots of great baby gyms that are great for very young babies who aren't on the move yet. Check some out below. Perhaps the best one is the Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Gym. 

Jumperoos and Other Activity Stations

There are lots of play centres which are great for babies from about 4 months. One of my favorites is the jumperoo. You place baby inside and they will love jumping in the jumperoo and there's lots of activities to do too.
Baby´s jumping is rewarded with lights, sound and music and there's 360 degree rotation so baby can get to every one of their toys. 

Teething Toys

The toys below are great teethers but fasinating toys too. Sophie the Giraffe is an extremely well designed toy for babies from about 3 months. Its legs and neck are easy to grasp. The contrasting colors attract and hold babies attention. It has a squeaker and is made of 100% natural rubber so is very safe to chew on. The reviews on are excellent too. The Winkel is another excellent teething toy that fascinates babies, has a rattle inside and can be put in the fridge to help soothe gums.

Toys to Hold and Explore

The toys below are great for babies from about 3 months old. They all have different features but they are all easy for babies to grasp from an early age and they are designed to keep babies occupied through stimulation of visual, auditory and the touching senses. Great for use when out and about, in pushchairs, at home and in highchairs.