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Best Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

This article features lots of cool toys for 6 to 12 month old babies based on the toys my son liked at this age. 

Activity Table For Babies Aged From 6 Months Upwards

6 months is the youngest babies will be able to use an activity table and they can play with many of them up to they are 3 years old. This means that they will get so much play and value out of the toy. My favorite is the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Table featured below. At 6 months you can take the legs off the toy and they can use it on the floor. As they get older you can put the legs back on. There's lots of activities including roll, tap, slide or spin and as they get older it will introduce them to numbers, counting and shapes too. The Vtech walker has an activity table that babies can use on the floor, it then turns into a walker as they get older

Stacking Toys and Cups

Stacking toys and cups are great for babies. Babies can examine, hold, chew on and nest the cups. As they get older they knock down towers, build towers and use them as bath toys. They are a simple toy with so many uses and cheap too. Every baby house should have some. My son used to play with them for ages. All kinds of stacking toys are great from about 6 months. See below for options. 

Ball Pit

A ball pit is a nice toy for  babies from 6 months old and they will love them as they grow older too. The Kids I am Boss ball pit below is a really well designed toy. The balls come with the dinosaur and when you have finished you can zip the dinosaur up with all the balls inside for a quick easy clean up. Babies will love sitting in it, and feeling, playing with and enjoying the balls. It will keep them occupied for a while. 

Musical Toys

There are lots of great musical toys which you can buy for a 6 month old baby. I love the Baby Einstein take along tunes, it makes a great toy for entertaining babies when your out and about. Babies can press the large chunky buttons to listen the classical tunes. There are flashing lights to look at and a bit handle so babies can easily grasp onto the toy. 

Toys to Encourage Hand and Eye Co-ordination

Babies will love the hide n squeak eggs below. Babies at 6 or 7 months will enjoy picking the eggs up, feeling them and banging them together and tipping them out of the box. They will enjoy taking the lids of the eggs and be attracted by the colours inside. As baby gets older they will enjoy sorting them and putting them in and out of the box. Recommended age is 12 months plus, but I would say suitable from 6 or 7 months
Babies will also love spinning the Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo. When they spin the wheel they are rewarded with lights and songs. The song also teaches the abcs for extra educational value. Suitable for babies from 6 to 24 months. 

Electronic Toys

There are lots of great electronic toys that keep babies from 6 to 12 months engaged through the lights and sounds. They teach cause and effect by pressing the different buttons and tend to work on teaching vocabulary too. 
One of my favourites is the Vtech baby laptop. It has  9 chunky buttons for babies to press which teach objects, sound effects and shapes. The little mouse also helps fine motor skills too. 
I also like the Leapfrog Hug & Learn Baby Tad below as it is so versatile. In the day it can be used to play learning games and songs. It talks, sings, nursery rhymes and teaches shapes. It so cute saying things such as Hi, I'm Baby Tad, Let's Sing and Lets snuggle. Simple phrases to help teach vocabulary. In nightime mode, there is a classical calming music to help babies go to slip. This toy is great for improving motor skills, verbal skills and is a great comforter toy too. 

More Great  and Popular Toy Ideas

Find more great and popular toys for 6 to 12 month old babies below. 
I like the Vtech Crawl ball. Babies love balls and a crawl ball will encourage babies to move around the room and get moving. 
I also love the wonderworld wooden rainbow sound blocks. Each block is a different colour and makes a different sound when shook so its a great sensory experience for babies. The blocks can be stacked in the older.  As they get older babies can stack the blocks outside the holder and knock them down. Quite expensive but worth the money. 
The Galt pop up toy is designed for older babies, but review show the younger babies also love taking the pop up characters out of their holder, handling them, exploring them with their mouths, banging them together and exploring the shapes in the holder. So its a toy that will last a long time. 

Alphabet Play Mats

Alphabet play mats are nice toys for 6 month old babies. They're great and soft for babies to learn to roll over on and crawl on. As they get older they make nice big jigsaw puzzles and are great for teaching letters and numbers.